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  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 380 admin
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    Hi Michel,

    There was a problem with non-English dates in 3.7 (
    https://jira.openclinica.com/browse/OC-6733) that might be impacting you.

    Please upgrade to 3.7.2 and see if it resolves the problem. 3.7.2 will be
    posted on the main downloads page very soon, meanwhile, you can get it from

  • Michelle_DMichelle_D Posts: 104
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    Hi there,
    I missed some of the thread but from what I gathered, you have a problem when you want to enter partial dates instead of the required full date?
    If so, I have a solution that I work with and will send it to you.
    Let me know if this is your problem.

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    Data Manager & Accounts
    A.Stein-Regulatory Affairs Consulting Ltd.

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  • MichelMichel Posts: 20
    I solve the problem installed OC 3.7.2 The problem was that I have OC 3.7 installed in windows 2008 server in English and I access from firefox 38 in Spanish and the format don´t matched. In OC 3.7.2 this problem it was solved...
  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 380 admin
    Glad to hear!
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