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data extraction to SAS

I use a program that extracts the OC data into XML and MAP.XML files.
This is sent to statisticians who run the XML files through their SAS program. They are supposed to see all the data according to the 'Response Values' but sometimes they see the data in the 'Response Options Text' form.
This will happen regarding the same CRF. For example Male = 1 and all the results show '1' except for one or two that actually show the word 'male'. Can anyone tell me why this happens, that the data isn't getting extracted in a uniform way with just the coding and not the wording?


  • byarmas-fscbyarmas-fsc Posts: 40
    without knowing exactly what SAS code they're using or what the xml.map file contains it's hard to say for sure, in my experience the xmltype=CDISCODM option works fine to get data into SAS. I know that using that method the Response Options Text is used as a format and Response Values are the actual data values, but that should be all or nothing for each variable. Having only a couple values different is very odd. Have there been more than one CRF version that had response values the same as the response text?
  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,340 ✭✭✭
    This I recognize. We had a while ago a CRF where by mistake one of the option values was mistakenly coded as text rather than a number. This caused confusion until we discovered the mistake.
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    Thanks. I will check in to this.

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