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Order of rule execution

Hi All,

I have a fairly complicated use case that i am having trouble getting to work nicely.

1. We have repeating grid that is collecting tumor sizes at each visit (baseline to Follow-up 10)
2. We then have a group calculation that is summing the total size of all tumors at each visit
3. We then have a calculation that is calculating the total tumor response from the previous to next visit.
4. We then need to categorize each tumor response based e.g. 100%=Complete >30%=partial etc... (Using an InsertAction rule for this)

The problem is that when you enter the data (1) and save the page, when you view this page again the total size (2) and response (3) have been calculated OK. However the rule has not worked.
If you save the page again the rule then works.

I guess this is happening because the rule is executing before the tumor response item has a value. On the second save it has a value so works.

I have tried making the rule assignment target to be the tumor response item (the one its using) or changing to be a dummy item at the end of the section.

Question is: Am i right in thinking that the rules are executed before the calculated items exit?

To make matters worse i actually have 3 repeating grids and need to also calculate an overall response category based upon the category of each group. have similar issue here of rules not working until after pages have been saved once.

I guess I could create more more sections and slow step it however i would like the data on the one page if possible

I have attached the CRF and rules.
Can anyone think of a better way to do this?

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