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Can anyone share an update on the planned randomization module. I read somewhere that it is scheduled for the next release. Is this correct? Is there an ETA for this release?

Could we hear how it would work and if this will be an enterprise only feature?




  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 279 ✭✭✭

    from what I have seen in latest commits in OC github repository the randomisation module is a separate application which interact with OC via web services. The communication implementation looks very similar to participate portal module so I am quite certain that this feature will be enterprise customers only.

  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 383 admin
    via Email
    Hi SK,

    Yes, it's in the upcoming release (out Monday or Tuesday). We're working
    with an experienced randomization provider as a partner to provide this
    functionality, it is a paid service. Details and documentation will be
    posted very soon!

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