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Simpler way of updating drop down menus

An issue we ran into is how to update a drop down menu (adding a new item to the menu) associated with a CRF data field without having to create a new version of the CRF and migrating the data. Does anyone have a simple way of doing this or can OC be modified to make a small change like this less burdensome?


  • salmafsalmaf Posts: 5

    You need to create a new version of the CRF if you want to update the single-select list, but you don't necessarily need to update the item name or code list label. Both versions will be merged into a single SAS dataset. But in updating the codelist, your addition needs to not change any of the existing options so the easiest way would be to add the new option to the end of the codelist with a number that has not been used yet. It should be fairly quick and easy to do this.

  • ebsebs Posts: 137 ✭✭
    You can store the list items in an external XML file. This is referenced whenever the list is displayed. Very handy where you know in advance that the list items will change over time.

    Once created it is a simple matter of updating the XML file and removes the need to create a new CRF version for every change.

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