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Problems getting SSL certificates to work

kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭
Can anyone figure out why I can't get it to start, the server file is OK according to the SSL provider and the datainfo file has been configured according to previous successful installations. I attach a zip file with all relevant files including log files. It should be noted that it works fine with the standard port 8080. I must have missed something
I give up after trying this for a week. I have successfully set it up in previous versions of OC,
Best regards


  • GerbenRienkGerbenRienk Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
    Hi Krister,
    It seems there's something wrong with the keystore, see tomcat7-stderr:
    jan 23, 2016 11:45:15
    Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect
    Kind regards,
    Gerben Rienk
  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭
    via Email
    Yes you were right, I found the problem and regenerated everything and then it worked immediately

    Best regards

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