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3.10.1 Release is out! (and 3.11 we'll be doing a bug-bash)

agoodwinagoodwin Posts: 131 admin
Hello to everyone in the OpenClinica community!

We're pleased to announce that OpenClinica 3.10.1 is out and ready for download. Of note we now have Participate forms that can be used offline! This means that with participate you can have a survey that will work offline and the data will be synced once connected to the internet again. You can find the release notes here:

Also, for OpenClinica 3.11 we're planning on doing some bug bashing! In terms of new features we will release SAS as part of 3.11 but most of the work will be related to fixing bugs. This will include:
- CRF Version Migration fixes
- Extract data fixes
- Rules fixes

That is the high level. I'm still working on the backlog and I'll have to pare down the list a bit, but if you want to an exhaustive list of what is being considered, you can go here: https://jira.openclinica.com/issues/?jql=fixVersion = 3.11

Let us know your thoughts!



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