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OpenClinica using https and Tomcat 7.

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to configure OpenClinica to work using a SSL certificate. But after configuring Tomcat 7, OpenClinica cannot work with this configuration.

I've followed this Tomcat guide http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/ssl-howto.html. But after that, i dont know if is necessary to change something inside OpenClinica...

Is there some kind of guide to configure SSL with OpenClinica?

My specs are OpenClinica 3.6 and Tomcat 7.

Thank you.


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    If you have follow the steps in the Tomcat guide you only have to change the sysURL parameter in de datainfo.properties file in the OpenClinica.config folder to confirm to the URL your certificate supports and change the http in https.

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    You also have to change the server.xml file in the C:\OC\TOMCAT\CONF directory according to the instructions below

    In a text editor, open the Tomcat server.xml file.

    The server.xml file is usually located in the conf folder of your Tomcat's home directory.

    2. Locate the connector that you want to use the new keystore to secure.

    Usually, a connector with port 443 or 8443 is used, as shown in step 4.

    3. If necessary, uncomment the connector.

    To uncomment a connector, remove the comment tags ().

    4. Specify the correct keystore filename and password in your connector configuration.

    When you are done, your connector should look something like this:

    Note: If you are using a version of Tomcat prior to Tomcat 7, you need to change "keystorePass" to "keypass".

    5. Save your changes to the server.xml file.

    6. Restart Tomcat.

    Good luck!

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