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Subject Groups

dear all,

For a special purpose I had in mind to use the Subject Class Groups for a study. This special purpose required 21 groups within one Subject Group Class, but I encountered a - user interface limit - of 10 Groups per Class. Have in mind to get that filled as part of the inclusion, not in a CRF. Indeed this is a very specific study design and this can be very helpful for the workflow for the data-entry person.

Of course used a test/dev-instance!!:
I tried to find a way to do it directly in the database, and I - - what I hate when users do so and is really impertinent - manually added 11 extra records to the 10 already in the table Study_Group and guess what: the OC user interface nicely reflect this impertinent behaviour by showing up all 21 groups and give me the ability to edit them as well.

Question is: will I be punished for this later or will it work as good as I hope now?

Of course I will test this later, when I created CRF's as well, possibly someone already has an idea about this?

Regards, Hans Troost
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