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Support for .xlsx instead of .xls?


It is a general constraint of OpenClinica that only .xls files are supported. However, our hospital will be switching to a new version of MS Office that does not allow saving files as .xls, as we had been doing up until now. We provide technical and functional support for all OpenClinica users in the hospital, so we will be facing problems because of the Office upgrade.

What is your vision on supporting .xlsx files in future versions of OpenClinica? What are the problems to be expected when using .xlsx instead of .xls. Did any of you try to develop extensions for .xlsx support?

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  • zwetszwets Posts: 59
    via Email
    Ah, Microsoft tightening the thumbscrews on its own customers? Nah,
    couldn't be?! :p

    You have options:
    - Buy the Office extension supporting "Save As XLS" that MS is certain
    to come up with. XLS has become a de facto standard for so many
    applications, they'll surely smell a profitable market in selling
    support for their own file formats.
    - Install OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Open Source, just as good as MS
    Office, much better at CSV (which data people work a lot with), and
    reads and writes XLS as well as many other formats.

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