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OC is running but i have few questions about the files

* is the openclinica.war file need to be deleted from C:\oc\tomcat\webapps?
* if yes, after step?
* when i read the instructions in: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenClinica_User_Manual/InstallationCheckList,
i read that if i want checking Tomcat is working, i can use: http://localhost:8080
there, i should now see a page of the Apache Software Foundation saying "If you're seeing this page via a web browser, it means you've setup Tomcat successfully. Congratulations!"

- i do'nt see this page (404 error) but OC is running...
- is it OK?



  • CPageCPage Posts: 2
    Hi Tzipora,

    index.html needs to be present in C:\oc\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\.
    I guess your Tomcat runs fine (otherwise you could not see OC ;-) and that you just lost your index.html by accident.

    have fun,

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