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How do we open up our site to users?

Our CRFs are now ready to pilot and are in OpenClinica. I asked an IT person about this and the response was..."They OC) might be able to give a better answer as to what method of access would be best for that product. I’m not familiar with the inner workings of OpenClinica or how exactly people need to access it.
VPN access would require all the external users to install the VPN software on their computer and connect to the VPN first like you might when you want to work remotely. If that’s not feasible for the users you’ll have, there’s probably a web access component that we could open up to the outside. That’s a little less secure."
We are trying to understand what our next steps are as we are not IT trained. I appreciate any information for our group, Judy M. Cincinnati, OH Ischemia Care


  • cjmillercjmiller Posts: 4
    Hi Judy

    For site users(CRCs/PIs) you would need to:
    1. First all users need to be trained on OC and your protocol. Documenting this step is important
    2. send your users the URL for your production instance.
    3. Set up your sites in OC (Go to Tasks, Study Set UP, Build study, Create Sites - (follow the screens)
    4.. Then set up your users making sure that they are associated with their individual site.
    4.1 for internal staff (DM) you don't necessarily need to set up the sites. Just go strait to setting up the user account.
    Go to Administration, Users, Create New Users. (follow the screens from there)
    5.. When setting up the user accounts, you have a check box to send the user the email with their credentials or have the password sent to you. Then you can send all of the info in your own custom email

    Your users will not need a VPN just internet access and the proper credentials to log into OC.

    Does this help?

    Catherine Miller, BS CCDM
    Sr. Manager, Clinical Data Management | Myriad Genetics, Inc.
    320 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭
    I would ad to this list particularly if the users are outside from you site, a safe connection via a SSL certificate. Your IT people should be able to do that for you,
  • forifori Posts: 8

    I understood You'd like to know how to provide your OC-installation to external users outside your company.

    If that's right you have to do following steps:

    1. ask your it-staff to install a reverse proxy on a server (which can be the same as your OpenClinica-Server. for security reasons it's best practice to use a separate machine) (Hint webservers like apache or ngnix provide desired functions)

    2. ask it-staff to request and install a webserver-ssl cert (it should be a public cert so browsers can verify against public CertAuths) (see thawte or globalsign or digicert) this enables You to provide secured internet traffic so no one is able to wiretap

    3. ask it-staff to make this server accessible from the internet on Port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS)

    4. ask it-staff to configure webserver in that way so it redirects all requests on port 80 to Port 443 (so every request will be redirected to a secured connection)

    5. ask it-staff to configure reverse proxy for your OC-server-URL

    6. request external URL (configured in reverse proxy) from it-staff,

    7. check if it works from outside your company

    8. provide working url to your customers

    this should do the trick.

  • Judy MorganJudy Morgan Posts: 4
    via Email

    This was very helpful. I think I was making things more complicated than
    they are.

    Thanks for taking time to send me this list,



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