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Proposal for new SOAP method for getting events from a Subject

I need to query OC so, when a patient comes by the doctor office, a warning will pop up if the patient is enrolled in a study and has an Scheduled / Not closed event.

My setup is that we are using OC to check the efficiency of a number of protocols, but this is part of the normal medical care (not a separated study). So, we want to avoid the physician having to login and check into OC each patient that arrives, and instead a warning will appear in his HIS.

I have checked this thread (https://forums.openclinica.com/discussion/15958/proposal-for-a-modification-in-the-soap-event-webservice) and, while similar, the fact that it returns all of the events from the study might probably lead to performance issues in our system, so I am aiming at creating a new method.

The prototype of my method will be something like this (Java)

    StudySubject studySubject,
    StudyRef studyRef, // Optional
    String eventOID, // Optional, only events of the given OID will be returned
    Date startDate, // Optional, Date + time
    Date endDate, // Optional, Date + time
    Collection eventStatus); // Optional, only events in the given status will be returned.
I understand that is in my organization best interest to add this method to the common codebase, so I am willing to make changes to the above mentioned method if it makes it more useful.

Now my questions:

1) Should I create it in the "StudySubject" WS or in the "Event" WS?

2) Does someone need an extra filter criteria?

3) Any additional comments that you think may be interesting to me?



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