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Netiquette: How to create a JIRA for a bug that I am willing to solve myself.

Using WS, I have found that EventEndpoint has a rather molest bug; it only parses Strings as Date if the String does not have timezone information but the WSDL standard supports timezone info (and the client code generated by Apache CXF almost always sends the timezone information).

Fortunately, solving it without breaking anything is rather simple, so I could fix it myself and create a pull request. My question is about what should be the proper way to do this. Should I solve it in my repo, create the JIRA and then send the pull request? Or should I first create the JIRA, tell in the JIRA that I have the issue solved and wait until someone (when?) assigns it to me?

Additionally, there is also another little issue in the same class as there is one attribute (dateFormat) with its setter and getter, but that attribute seems to never be used because the format is hardcoded. IMO that kind of things should be removed to avoid confusing people, but I am not sure if the people at OC prefer to have less commits even if it is at the expense of some code quality. Should I do a JIRA also for that code cleaning?

Thanks in advance.


  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 279 ✭✭✭

    first you create a JIRA ticket, where you explain the bug and describe the way of reproducing it. After this you will have a ticket number that you can use as a branch name for your forked version of OC codebase. You fix the bug in that branch and create pull request to merge the changes with OC master.

    You will probably not get ticket assigned to you because the ticket will be checked by other people involved in quality control. You can post a pull request URL into a comment of your ticket just to explicitly direct the people to proper destination when working with the ticket.

    For code cleaning you need extra ticket as well. Basically every change in a source base needs to have an origin in ticket so that you can get full traceability that links every code change to specific user request to change something.


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