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Reassign functionalities in CRF

We’re unable to reassign data in older version of CRF to the new version of CRF. We selected CRF that has a Reassign button for the older version of the CRF to test the migration. We’ve also checked and confirmed that new version is the active (not removed) CRF version but this new CRF version does not appear in drop down as possible migration targets. We would appreciate any advice or suggestions of possible solutions for this CRF Version Migration issue. Also, if you believe this is a known bug, please share your suggestions on other potential ideas to migrate the data from older CRF to new CRF version without manual data entry.


We’ve followed the criteria and steps listed in the User Guide as per description below for OpenClinica Community Version 3.10.1 -

· Data Entry status: Attempted to reassign data where the event CRF has been started (user started data entry or only opened CRF and exit it without any data saved);

· Study status: Attempted to reassign data where the status is “Available”;

· User Role: Study Director or Data Manager roles as well as root has attempted to reassign data

· Subject Status: Checked and confirmed that the subject is active;

· Event Status: Checked and confirmed that event is active (not removed, locked or skipped);

· CRF Status: Attempted to reassign for both Active (by restoring from removed to active) and removed CRFs

· We’ve checked and confirmed that old and new CRF versions used for data entry are active CRF versions. We’ve also attempted reassignment when older CRF version is removed and newer CRF version is active as default (with new version #).


  • sfesselsfessel Posts: 6

    if the new version does not appear in the list of reassign targets it is most likely not available for the respective Subject. Please verify that the version is active for the given site. Be aware that event settings including availabe CRF versions can and must also be defined on site level.

    Open the Manage all Sites page for your study, edit the settings for the respective site and check the settings for the given event. On the left side, the new version must be selected as one of the available CRF versions for the site in order to show up during reassign.


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