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Pharmacokinetics CRF with repeated group & 2 minutes time separation

I want to build a CRF just like the Pharmacokinetics CRF of the JUNO study in the demo but with the following things:
  1. I want it to be repeated group, so the user can add as much as the protocol says for samples number, but since it's a calculated CRF, and the calculations has to be written depending on the scheduled time just before it, I think it's impossible, if possible how ?
    I don't really want to build a new version for each change in number of samples.
  2. The original CRF separates between each scheduled time 2 hours, and I want it to be separated with 2 minutes, I don't know what to change in the RIGHT_ITEM_TEXT field regarding this.
This is the link of the CRF:

This is the RIGHT_ITEM_TEXT of the second scheduled sample time:
<div ID="Pro2"></div>
<script src="includes/jmesa/jquery.min.js">// for OC versions before 3.1.4, use jquery-1.1.2.min.js !</script>
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
var fieldTime2 = $("#Initial1").parent().parent().find("input");
var fieldPro2 = $("#Pro2").parent().parent().find("input");

function calcProjected2(OCentry2)
 var dateParts2 = OCentry2.split(":");
 var hours2 = parseInt(dateParts2[0],10);
 //var minutes2 = parseInt(dateParts2[1],10);
return ("0"+(hours2+2)+":"+dateParts2[1]);
 else if(hours2<23)
return ((hours2+2)+":"+dateParts2[1]);
 else if(hours2==23)
 { return ("01:"+dateParts2[1]);
 else if(dateParts2[1]=="NaN" || dateParts2[1]=="undefined")
 { return "";
return ("02:"+dateParts2[1]);

function calcProTime2(){
 var calculatedTime2 = calcProjected2(fieldTime2.val());
 if (fieldPro2.val() != calculatedTime2){
Shams Waleed, Pharm.D.
Data Analyst | Data Management Unit
ACDIMA Center for Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Studies
E-mail: [email protected].com

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