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Event Notification Rules not working. Please help!


We are currently designing our study and spent yesterday writing rules for event scheduling and notifications. We are quite confident our rules are correct but experienced technical issues when we tried to run some tests.

To summarise, we designed a rule where all events are scheduled after a CRC adds a subject as selects the initial CRF. The events scheduled included the baseline CRF (which is selected during the 'add subject' stage), a baseline patient questionnaire (scheduled on the same the baseline CRF, 3 additional shorter patient questionnaires (scheduled one a day for the next three days) and on the 5th and final day a CRF and final patient questionnaire. Please note this is for an internal trial, the actual study itself takes place over several months and events are not scheduled so closely together. With that said, we wondered if scheduling events so close together may cause technical issues because the notification rules seemed to be firing out texts/emails both before and after I had completed the initial patient questionnaire via participate. In addition, I was able to complete all participate elements on the first day, despite the scheduling them as described above.

An example of the expressions used for the events were as follows:

Rule expression - SE_ECRFBASELINE.STARTDATE ne "" (i.e. when baseline CRF is scheduled)
Applies to - SE_PATIENTQUESTIONNAIREBASELINE (i.e. our baseline patient questionnaire)
Value expression - SE_ECRFBASELINE.STARTDATE + 0 (i.e. schedule patient baseline questionnaire when CRF is scheduled).

all subsequent rules used the same format but with a +1, +2, +3, +4 to schedule them.

an example of the expressions used for the notifications action were as follows:

rule expression - SE_PATIENTQUESTIONNAIREBASELINE.STARTDATE eq (_CURRENT_DATE) and SE_PATIENTQUESTIONNAIREBASELINE.STATUS ne "completed" (i.e. when the baseline patient questionnaire is equal to the current data and the the status is not complete).

So in theory this above notification rule should run when the event is scheduled, which is connected to the days since CRF we specified +1 +2 +3.

Any help or insight into why this isn't working would be most appreciated. We were hoping to run a quick week long trial of the study internally next week to highlight any issues for the main study.

Kind Regards


  • hello John,

    I had the same problem in version 3.4 when I tried to schedule multiple events in 1 rule. I solved it by writing one rule for each event I wanted to schedule. It seems there is a bug in OpenClinica that does not allow you to schedule more than 1 event at a time despite the rule seems to be valid.

  • John_WallerJohn_Waller Posts: 2
    Hi Marco,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. I removed the old rules and designed a new set one by one. However, after completing the first patient questionnaire on my phone I am still able immediately access the next questionnaire (which is not scheduled till tomorrow). The events are all correct scheduled for the 12th (tomorrow) and the participate module and Open Clinica instance both state this. I am presented with a 'Let's move on' button after I complete each questionnaire and am able to complete all questionnaires.

    I also still received a notification after I completed the initial questionnaire with the same message from the first notification rule (which should not rule anymore!).

    Kind regards
  • Hi John,

    Sorry I misunderstood your question. You can schedule events but the problem you are referring to is that you want to schedule an upcoming event but do not want a participant be able to enter data until the event date has arrived or passed.

    I do not think this functionality is available in OpenClinica. You probably have to look into the rule batch functionality to see if you can program a rule that is triggered to run every day (say 1 minute after midnight) to check if events need to be scheduled or not.

    Good luck.
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