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Possible bug? Re CRF can not be set completed

I recently posted a discussion regarding that CRF can not be set to complete. It seems I found the problem.

My CRF was designed with yes or no question for example if the patient has previous medical condition, if the answer is no, then the section would be closed and move on to the next section. However if the answer is yes, then the relevant question will show up, and some of the questions are mandatory.

When I answered no to the yes or no question, when I set the CRF completed, OC refused to set the event complete. When I changed all the mandatory fields to non mandatory, then I can set the event completed.

Is it possible a bug?




  • jguptajgupta Posts: 27
    Are you on version 3.11. This bug was fixed in 3.12. Please consider upgrading your instance.
  • liu09liu09 Posts: 51
    Thank you very much, updated to the 3.12.2, the problem is solved.
  • jguptajgupta Posts: 27
    Glad it helped.
    Best regards,
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