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NotificationAction Rule - get Subject Id, enrollment date

Get extra detail Subject id, enrollment date, site name. etc from NotificationAction Rule in Email notification
I fond this rule action call method "runNotificationAction" library Openclinica-core.3.*.jar
This method in NotificationActionProcessor.class file

Any one change in this method for getting Subject id, enrollment date, site name in NotificationActionProcessor.java file and recompile

String subjectdisplayID = ssBean.getLabel();
Date subjectdenrollmentDate = ssBean.getEnrollmentDate();
String sitename = ssBean.getStudyName();

emailSubject = emailSubject.replaceAll("\\$\\{site.name}", sitename);
message = message.replaceAll("\\$\\{studysubject.id}", subjectdisplayID);
message = message.replaceAll("\\$\\{studysubject.enrollmentdate}", subjectdenrollmentDate.toString());
message = message.replaceAll("\\$\\{site.name}", sitename);
Any one can Help me for get detail in Notification email


  • jigneshb1jigneshb1 Posts: 3
    OC ver 3.12.1--
    Any one made change, please to give complied class file of jar library
  • jigneshb1jigneshb1 Posts: 3
    If other way to get this detail, Subjcet Id, enrolment date in Mail notfication, please send me detail how to get it..
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