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Completely Remove Event

Hi All,

I am testing and interface to OC and now have 200 odd events against a single subject/CRF. I'd like to wipe them completely so that they don't even show up in the list anymore.

I could restore the DB to its original state but I don't want to go that far!!

I understand that there is an audit function and I don't want to break the relationship by deleting events from the database without safely navigating that.

Has anyone done this before? Its not for production, just while testing so I can reset events to a manageable no etc.

Cheers in advance.


  • haenselhaensel Posts: 602 ✭✭✭
    Hi @OCStu

    I normally do not mess with the database since it is pretty complex to understand and often the informations are spread over a lot of tables.

    While testing I set up a study as needed and afterwards I make a database dump that I restore the database from before restarting the tests.
    It takes me just a couple of seconds to reset the test environment .

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