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404 error and favoicon.ico redirect when setting OpenClinica as ROOT in tomcat

So I've been helping a client set up an OpenClinica instance. They're using community 3.13 on a Microsoft azure server. We had everything setup and running, but I changed the folder from webapps/OpenClinica to webapps/ROOT so that there was no need for an extension on the base URL. this generated a new localhost.config and .data folders, but that was easy enough to correct for. However, this also caused some very funny errors on just about every browser except firefox. when a user goes to the url and logs in, rather than being directed to their home page, the browser opens up favicon.ico in the url. by default this gives a 404, but even if I put the favicon into the /ROOT folder in tomcat, it just opens the image rather than using it as a favicon. is there any solution to this rather bizarre behavior? if I go back to hosting the webapp at /OpenClinica the problem goes away completely, I'd just rather have the base url point to the EDC, and the client doesn't have a webserver available to put in a redirect.
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