Designing CRF with Jquery, why does it not work

JoannaJoanna Posts: 19
Hi everyone,
I tried the jquery with sucess yesturday, it turned out really good. But now when i tried on another CRF it does not work anymore. What am I doing wrong? The first box in each "section" turns out with the correct size but not the rest. Please help me =)

Best regards Joanna


  • haenselhaensel Posts: 576 ✭✭
    Hi Joanna

    Ids in HTML have to be unique across the whole document. So instead of using <div id="B"> for every field you must use a unique id for each field. e.g. <div id="B1">, <div id="B2"> etc. and update the Javascript appropriate. e.g. change var T = $("#B") to var T = $("#B1") where you changed B to B1.

    I hope this helps.

  • JoannaJoanna Posts: 19
    Hi Christian, Thank you very much! Now we have learned a lot today! It looks perfect. Thank you! Best regards Joanna
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