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ODM XML ItemDef refers to latest code list

Hi all,

I've a CRF which has undergone many changes resulting in multiple versions. In each CRF version, an item code list was updated either to add a new option or remove an existing option. Now when I export the metadata of the study using ODM XML format, I see the item definition in XML has reference to only the latest code list. I'm not able to figure out how to find the different code lists used in different versions of the CRF.

ODM Item Metadata excerpt:

Attached XML file is an item definition of Gender field. Its code list was updated in each version of the CRF. However, the metadata has reference only to CL_124 which has options present in the latest version of the CRF. I couldn't find what were the options in V13, V12 of the CRF.

Any help or thoughts regarding this is highly appreciated.

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