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Rule is not hiding items

I want to show and hide some fields based on birth dates, and I have the following rule:

                Mostrando Braden
                Ocultando Braden
		Mostrar braden si la fecha de nacimiento es mas de 5 años

  • IG_LCERA_UNGROUPED.I_LCERA_FECHANACIMIENTO is a mandatory date field in the first section of a CRF.
  • IG_LCERA_UNGROUPED.I_LCERA_EJEMPLO is a text field in the first section of the same CRF.
  • IG_LCERA_BRADEN is a group that shows in the third section of the same CRF.
  • IG_LCERA_UNGROUPED.I_LCERA_PERCUSIONTISULARNEO is a field in the third section of the same CRF.
Now, I expect that when I set a value in IG_LCERA_UNGROUPED.I_LCERA_FECHANACIMIENTO, when I go to the third section then the fields and the group would be hidden, yet they are shown without any issue. Also, no message is shown related to the I_LCERA_FECHANACIMIENTO. Even if I complete the CRF and open it again, all of the fields are shown.

The rules are imported without warning, and if I test them in OpenClinica they seem to work okay.

What I could be missing?

Thanks in advance.


  • haenselhaensel Posts: 602 ✭✭✭

    I'm not aware if it is still an issue. In older OC versions the SHOW/HIDE for groups was not working probably. It was possible to show a hidden group but not to hide a shown group.

    If you test your rule does the show/hide work for all three elements (I_LCERA_EJEMPLO, I_LCERA_PERCUSIONTISULARNEO and IG_LCERA_BRADEN)?

    It might be worth a try to set the group to HIDE by default and check if at least the ShowAction works.

    good luck,
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