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Dataset & discrepancy notes export with messy code in OC13.0

Hi there,

Sorry to post this once once once again...
I got a huge problem when I export the discrepancy notes and dataset.

The discrepancies notes I download is in messy code in the 'comma separated values' format file (sees the pic.1 below)


the same error 'portable document format' file( sees pic.2 below and dnotes0_OOOO.pdf)


It also came up with some messy code when I export data in SAS file(see Pic.4) & excel format file(see pic 4).



Fortunately, the Audit log is fine (sees pic.5 below and export.xls).


My environment is:
Win10 64x;
postgres 8.4
jdk 7

It would be very grateful if anybody could help me to solve this out. Looking forward to ur reply!!!

yours sincerely, Chris
Jan, 5th, 2018
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