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Deep learning, GDPR, and more at OC18 (October 15 and 16)

There's still time (but not much) to submit your abstract and/or take advantage of discount pricing for OC18. You won't want to miss the Tuesday keynote on the clinical applications of deep learning. More session and workshop details at https://openclinica.com/oc18-data-gets-personal

Two hours; interactive

Designing the Future of OC4

Are there any features whose development OpenClinica ought to fast track? This is your opportunity to tell our panel of product owners, engineers, and senior leaders!

Form Magic
Astound your sites and participants with forms as intelligent as they are dazzling. We’ll share examples of form crossing, auto-completing, score calculating wizardry you can use to make your eCRFs more powerful and engaging. Then we’ll perform some live magic together, based on eCRFs you supply.

Powerful Integration Made Easy
Moving from genomes to biomarkers to disease risk models and personalized treatment requires more than one big dataset: it requires the integration of data from multiple systems that are secure, geographically separated, and disparately schematized. Here’s where OpenClinica shines. Get a grip on all the API tools available to build the full data picture you need.

Customizing Your Reporting Dashboard with OpenClinica Insight
Missings forms or mean A1C? Scatter plot or bar graph? Whatever you need to visualize, OpenClinica Insight can deliver. Take a deep dive into all its capabilities.

One hour; more didactic

Handling Personal Data in a GDPR World
What counts as ‘personal data’ according to GDPR? More than you may think. Find out what you need to know to stay compliant as you recruit, enroll, and conduct your study.

Personalize Your Security Questionnaire
Data security is non-negotiable; how it’s implemented depends on your study, your environment, and your workflows. Learn what to ask your e-clinical vendors to ensure a fit between security protocols and your needs.

How to Validate OpenClinica
Do you know your IQ from your OQ? Wondering if you’re living in a traceability matrix? We offer a wealth of resources designed to make it easy for you to achieve, maintain, and demonstrate compliance. But navigating it all can be daunting. Attend this session to make the most of our compliance support.

“Is eConsent Right for My Study?”
eConsent opens the door to greater operational efficiency and improved participant understanding of the research. But does it make sense for your study? Join this session to find out.
Bryan Farrow
eClinical Catalyst at OpenClinica
(It's my job to tell the eClinical world what we've done and what we're doing, and to learn what else is needed in that world to get better data faster.)
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