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RSS Feed


I am trying to change the RSS feed and the text messages following the directions in the documentation of OC (community edition version 3.14).
However, the RSS feed is remaining the same (openclinica blog) and there is not welcome text message.
I have read previous posts about the RSS feed issues.

Can and how can we change the RSS feed?

Thank you very much,



  • ecalanchiecalanchi Posts: 26
    Hi Silke,
    I just uncommented rssUrl and rssMore in datainfo.properties ad replaced the links with http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/genres/world/reviews.rss and http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/genres/world/ (the second one is the "more" link). I restarted Tomcat and now I see the new feeds.
    I suggest you check the new link is actually a rss feed url, then you'd better clean the Tomcat work directory (restarting Tomcat is necessary to make changes in datainfo.properties effective).
    Perhaps cleaning your browser cache may help too.
    E. Calanchi
  • sroeddersroedder Posts: 25
    via Email
    Hi Enrico,

    Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I followed your recommendations and copied your links (to test) into the data properties file, cleared the browser cache and restarted Tomcat. I still do not see a different RSS feed in the News...

    Is it possible, I am using the wrong data properties file?

    Thanks again,

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