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Full program for OC18 user conference

See the full program, with session and workshop synopses, at https://www.openclinica.com/oc18-data-gets-personal/#oc18program.

Monday, October 15

Breakfast, lunch, and all workshops will take place in or adjacent to the Hunsaker Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

9am to 10am

Breakfast and registration

10am to 11:50am

Morning Workshops (choose one)

OC4 Architecture and Integration

Graphical Reporting with OC Insight

12pm to 12:50pm


1pm to 2:50pm

Afternoon Workshops (choose one)

Validating OpenClinica

Voice of the User

3pm to 4:50pm

Live, interactive demos of each component of our solution: our core data capture and management platform; OpenClinica Randomize; OpenClinica Participate; and OpenClinica Randomize.

Tuesday, October 16

Breakfast, lunch, and all sessions will take place in or adjacent to the Hunsaker Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

8am to 9am


9am to 9:50am

Keynote address from Dr. Regina Barzilay

10am to 10:50am

“Running Tomorrow’s Trials Today on OC4” with Cal Collins, CEO

11am to 11:50am

Morning sessions (choose one)

Form Magic

Your Site Engagement Starter Kit

12pm to 12:50pm


1pm to 1:50pm

Customer Case Studies

OpenClinica customers are innovators and problem-solvers. After lunch, we’ll turn the spotlight on them to hear their stories of the role OpenClinica played in recent studies.

2pm to 2:50pm

Afternoon sessions (choose one)

Is eConsent Right for Your Study?

Making the Leap from OC3 to OC4

3pm to 3:50pm

Afternoon sessions continued (choose one)

CDASH: What Is It, and What Is It Good For?

Handling Data in a GDPR World

4pm to 4:50pm

Afternoon sessions continued (choose one)

What’s New at the FDA? A Review of Recent Guidance

How to Secure Your Clinical Data

6pm to 9pm

Private dinner atop the Museum of Science
Bryan Farrow
eClinical Catalyst at OpenClinica
(It's my job to tell the eClinical world what we've done and what we're doing, and to learn what else is needed in that world to get better data faster.)
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