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site level rights/access

Dear All,
I have a multi site study.
I want to set up the individual site investigator with rights to close of discrepancy notes.
if this is not possible which site user can Enrol, extract data and close discrepancy notes, since Data manager can't be site based I was using investigator but this lacks the ability to close off discrepancy notes.


  • Hi,
    To my knowledge, user rights are not al a carte. In other words, only the user role can be selected but not specific functionality/features.

    In the past, I ran into a similiar issue because our workflow is different than other groups. Unless this has changed recently in an update, only the roles can be selected, not a specific feature such as access to discrepancies.

    Likewise, in the past user role aliases were not available so a specific title is associated with a role and it may or may not fit the staff member's actual title. In cultures where hierarchy and titles are important, that can be an issue which leads to lower acceptance of the database system or alternatively, providing more database access to someone who does not require access because one needs to assign a user role title which is perceived to be more prestigious.

    User types are described at this link:

    I hope this is helpful,
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