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importing data into oc4

GerbenRienkGerbenRienk Posts: 837 ✭✭✭
edited October 2018 in Web Services & Integration
Does anyone have experience with, or better: an example of, importing data into oc4 using the rest-api?
When I access https://openclinica4.my.org/OpenClinica/pages/swagger-ui.html#/DataImport I see only the option to import an xml-file and I get as response "VALIDATION FAILED".
And further to this: I understand creating a study-subject with
And I see the endpoint to set the status of an event to complete, but how do I schedule an event (which I must do before I can import)?
Gerben Rienk


  • rbhatnagarrbhatnagar Posts: 3
    Hello Gerben,
    Regarding data import failure, Validation Failed message is returned under the following circumstances. We are in the process of generating a specific message for each of these scenarios. In the meantime, can you please check to see if all of below conditions are correct in your request.

    1. When the visit based event is NOT scheduled and/or event ordinal (repeatKey) does not exist
    2. Upsert condition specified in the request does not match
    3. Participant ID is not valid
    4. Invalid Item group OID
    5. Invalid Form version (form layout ID)

    If none of the above cases match your request, then please let us know. Thanks!

    Regarding endpoint to schedule an event -- We currently do not have an endpoint in OC4 to schedule an event. It is currently scheduled for early next year release.

    Product Owner
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