Double Data Entry save and exit buttons not working


I am currently running a study on Openclinica community edition, version 3.14, and am experiencing a problem with double data entry. The data entry person saves the first run of data without problems. After the obligatory 12hr wait, openclinica offers to start double data entry, but the "save" and "exit" buttons in the data entry page are unreponsive, so the double data entry can't be completed, and I have to use the browser back button to exit the page. I have tried completing the DDE as a Study Director, and experience the same problem.

Would appreciate any help!


  • jowakejowake Posts: 10
    To provide an update: the data entry persons were able to continue with the data entry after I "stopped" and restarted the data entry for each participant. The end result looks like DDE.

    Also, the DDE problems are site wide -- it doesn't work for any other of the studies on our site, including a new study I created just to test.
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