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Creating Datasets

HI, to my knowledge, when I select dates (month and year) defining the temporal scope of the dataset, I thought that it should extract only the data that was entered within these dates. I selected an End date of 'December-2018' and in my extraction I have data that was entered in January! How can this be??


  • ebsebs Posts: 137 ✭✭
    The date refers to the subject enrolment date...

    " the date you specify is the Subject enrollment date. For example, if you select 2011 for the year for the Beginning Date and Ending Date, the dataset will include all Subjects who enrolled in 2011. After specifying the date range, click the Continue button."


  • Michelle_DMichelle_D Posts: 107
    If the dates for data extraction always go by the date of enrollment, how can I deal with a situation where I want to conduct ongoing offsite Centralized Monitoring:
    Let's say I check data from 01-Jan-2019 until 31-Mar-2019.
    And in my next extraction I do from 01-Apr-2019 until 30-Apr-2019.
    I will not see all the new data that was put in regarding the subjects that were enrolled at the end of march!!
    How have people dealt with this situation?
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