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How to make a CRF globally accessible for all studies?

Am using Openclinica 3.14 version with community edition.Is it possible to use the same CRF in multiple Studies?


  • ebsebs Posts: 137 ✭✭
    Yes. CRFs are held at a global level and are allocated to events within studies.
  • divyadevu521divyadevu521 Posts: 3
    Yes we can assign single crf to all events within study
    ,but my requirement is to assign a single crf to all studies .
  • ebsebs Posts: 137 ✭✭
    A CRF can be assigned to whatever event you want across one or more studies.



    Study 1
    Event1 CRF1
    Event 2 CRF1

    Study 2
    Event 1 CRF25
    Event 2 CRF1
    Event 3 CRF46
    Event 5 CRF1, CRF46

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