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Calculations performed after validations?

I have been asked to create a CRF which displays a short questionnaire. The calculated score for this questionnaire is then compared to a manually-entered value for the same questionnaire as measured by the trial staff. I have a validation rule that checks to see that both are the same when 'Save' is clicked.

The problem is that OC persists in saying that the two are different even when they are not. Testing the rule confirms that it should work correctly. Would I be right in thinking that when 'Save' is clicked, the validations are performed before any calculations?

If so, I have a couple of questions:

(a) isn't this logically the wrong way round?
(b) how can I make this work properly without either (a) using a 'calculate' button (as I don't know Java, and minimal explanation is given on the single web page I could find) or (b) having to place the calculation field in its own section?

Many thanks

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