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Mainzelliste Interface not working

we're using OC together with the Pseudonymization-Service "Mainzelliste"

SecuTrial offers a native Interface to this service, so i would assume a general compatibility.
Now we're having trouble using it to create pseudonyms.

The only response is a Error 400 (Bad Request) when trying to create a "addPatientToken" while the Session can be established and the apiKey provides enough access rights.

Does anyone had similar issues and can give a hint?

Best Regards


  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 279 ✭✭✭
    Hi Cornelius,

    I have some experience with Mainzelliste but you will probably have to provide more details regarding how are you trying to interface with Mainzelliste (which programming language, how does the request look like....).

    You should definitely check the version of Mainzelliste but also the version of Mainzelliste API. The API evolved over the time with some braking changes and it is possible to specify within the HTTP header what version of API the Mainzelliste client is calling (subsequently the request have to be formatted in a way as it was valid for that API version).

    I can share a piece of code that handles some Mainzelliste interaction logic from my project (maybe it will help you):



  • cknoppcknopp Posts: 4
    Hi Thlmas,
    I'm really sorry! I shouldn't try to solve multiple tasks at once.
    This post was meant to be for the SecuTrial Forum. Our OpenClinica isn't affected with Mainzelliste.

    Best regards
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