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Add new user authentification and datainfo.properties

mdelordmdelord Posts: 2

First, I pre-apologize for I feel that my question I quite common though I was not able to find an answer to it.

In the documentation at the LDAP user section (7.4) it is mentionned that "LDAP/Active directory authentification can be turned off or on from the datainfo properties." It assumes that turning off or on LDAP auth is trivial and that everybody knows exactly what its means. However, I do not know what is datainfo properties (I found out that it might be a datainfo.property configuration file).

My question is then : what is datainfo properties ? If it is a file where is it located and how to edit/modify this file in order to allow LDAT/Active directory authentification in order to allow new user to authenticate to a web based OpenClinica instence ?

Again, I apologize if this question is trivial or have been treated many times before,
thanks in advance


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