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Rules don't fire when a CRF appears in multiple events.

OC 3.7.

I have written a single CRF which appears in six separate Events int he same study. 26 of its questions are in date format and I have added rule validations to ensure that the entered dates are not in the future. When tested individually in OC's Rules section they all work perfectly.

However, when tested as part of the CRF, only four of them fire and the rest do not.

I have found that if I include the full path of the question item in the rule's XML, making the event explicit (e.g. SE_ID010_VISIT2_BASELINE.F_ID080_CLINIC.IG_ID080_UNGROUPED.I_ID080_REDNESSSTARTDATE), a non-working rule will then work properly. However, I really don't want to have to create 200+ event-specific rules where 26 generic ones should do.

Furthermore, why do some of the rules work and others do not? They all follow the same format; apart from the item names the rules' XML is identical. In every case I have checked to ensure that the rule's item names match those found in the CRF. OC doesn't object to their syntax when imported, either.

We have used a single CRF in different events in dozens of other studies without encountering this issue.

Any ideas, anyone? This is driving me nuts.



  • Malcolm HartMalcolm Hart Posts: 21
    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  • sjlce2sjlce2 Posts: 5
    Here is what works for us with the start and end dates of the Adverse Events CRF used across multiple studies.
  • Malcolm HartMalcolm Hart Posts: 21
    Hi sjlce.

    I don't see anything; did you mean to attach or post a document?


  • Malcolm HartMalcolm Hart Posts: 21
    I have found a solution to this issue, which I now assume to be a bug in OC3.7:

    The Event part of the item's path is not necessary unless you wish to anchor a rule to a specific event. Instead you can just use CRF.GROUP.ITEM, like this:


    Rules should work with just the item name (it is unique after all), but when OC for whatever reason refuses to properly process rules which are associated with CRFs which are in turn associated with multiple events, just prepend the Item id with the CRF id and Group id.

    Hope this helps someone,


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