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Disordered variables at exporting to .tsv and .xls

Hi everyone,

I've been having trouble with the exportation of datasets. It's really easy to create a dataset, above all when I only want to extract one CRF and all the variables, because you select "Select all items" and it's done.

The issue comes when I open the .xls or even when import the .tsv file to R, and I see that the variables don't follow the same order than in the CRF I uploaded. It's all messy.

Does anybody know why this is happening?

Also, I read that only variables with some value are extracted. Those with all missing values don't appear in the dataset. Is there any way to change this?

Thanks so much in advance!



  • kksbkksb Posts: 13
    Hi Viqui,

    I observe the same thing. To my mind, the sorting is not solved very well and unfortunately I have no workaround.
    But I think that you can sort the variables in R or SPSS/SAS by programming.
    Anyway, it would be great if someone knows it and told us what we can do.

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