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How to fill CRFs in OpenClinica OpenSource/Community Edition EDC using SOAP/REST?



  • RaviVRaviV Posts: 30
    edited January 2020
    Hi Gerben,

    PFA 2 files. soapui_file.txt (actually xml) is the file I sent via SOAPUI tool - which is not successful as it failed saying xml is not well formed. The other file 'dataimport_file.txt'(actually xml) is the xml I uploaded using the Import Data feature in the OpenClinica - which is successful. The only difference in the 2 xmls is one is a subset of the other except the first line in the dataimport_file.xml that is xml version as it is not accepted in the soup ui xml.
    I am unable to attach the files. Could you pls let me know your mail id.

  • RaviVRaviV Posts: 30
    Files here ...
  • RaviVRaviV Posts: 30
    edited January 2020
    Thanks a lot Gerben. It is working fine with the solution you provided i.e., using just the tag ODM after the tag v1:importRequest . You have been very helpful.
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