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Tomcat CPU usage hitting 100%

Whenever a CRF is viewed or edited, TOMCAT CPU usage increases to 100%. This is a recent problem. Is there any suggestions for tuning either TOMCAT or Postgres? The application is essentially unusable at the moment




  • kkristiansonkkristianson Posts: 24
    Have you added this to the tomcat JAVA configuration

    and added INITIAL MEMEORY POOL to 128
  • Many thanks for your very prompt reply - checked the settings they are as recommended. I then discovered the problem - a few days ago we had a data extract issue - To try to discover the issue i changed the logging setting in the openclinica config file to debug to see if that would shed any light on the problem . This appears to be what was killing tomcat - Have put back to 'info' in the log file and all ok again :-)
  • kkristiansonkkristianson Posts: 24
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