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Enrolment date is after Interview Date

Malcolm HartMalcolm Hart Posts: 21
edited February 2020 in Users Mailing List
OC 3.14

When checking the audit logs for a study, it was found that the 'Date Interviewed' and 'Event Start' date for the Baseline event fell one day before the date on which the subject was created in OC. How can that possibly be, particularly as the CRFs in the Baseline event were actually completed a month later? Furthermore this doesn't affect all the subjects in the study; it seems that about 70% are not.

I've highlighted the inconsistencies in the attached screenshot.

Anyone have any ideas?

It seems to me that the phrase "Date interviewed" is a misnomer, as what it actually refers to is the Event's start date, and an event may obviously run over several days. It still doesn't explain how the event or the items in it can appear to have occurred before the subject was actually created or a month before the event actually took place. Also, it may be that the responses are being transcribed from a paper questionnaire, in which case 'Date Interviewed' is definitely the wrong term to use.

Could it be something to do with scheduling?

Thanks in advance,

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