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Add new category of gender while adding subjects in Study

Hi All,

The requirement is : There should be three options available while selecting a gender for a subject and these are Male, Female and Transgender.

Is there any possibility to add third option in "Sex" field while adding a new subject to a study.



  • GerbenRienkGerbenRienk Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
    Hi Nancy,
    Currently it's not possible to do that on subject-level. However you can ask the gender in a CRF. This would have the advantage that you can use gender in form-logic ('only show this question when etc.').
    However the gender wouldn't be available in the subjectmatrix. Should this be a requirement for your situation, then you could consider defining a group for your study, called gender, with three arms and then you would have it in the subject matrix.
    Please let us kow if you need other or more information.
    Kind regards,
    Gerben Rienk
  • nancymishra2301nancymishra2301 Posts: 13
    Thank you Gerben for getting back to me.

    So both the options you suggested wont work for us since as you mentioned if we have CRF based we can't see that in subject matrix.

    While creating a group is an option but client wants to see that in gender field instead of group class.

    I will lookout for a workaround for now.

    Thanks Again
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