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Can't open localhost:8080/openClinica: SEVERE: Failed to initialize end point



  • kkristiansonkkristianson Posts: 24
    What is your operating system ??
    I have worked with OpenClinica since 2008 and never seen the problems you describe. I have seen over the years language sensitivity, i.e. it was resolved by setting the operating system language to English.
  • giordanogiordano Posts: 24
    My OS is Windows 10. I have other two three other notebooks (2xWin10, 1xDebian) where OpenClinica is installed and works.
  • kkristiansonkkristianson Posts: 24
    What do you have in your TOMCAT library? You should have at least the following subdirectories

  • giordanogiordano Posts: 24
    Yes, I have all this directories in C:\oc\Tomcat.
  • kkristiansonkkristianson Posts: 24
    Well then my ideas are exhausted. I have never experienced your problems. Maybe Gerben can help you!
  • giordanogiordano Posts: 24
    Nevertheless, thanks for your time. I appreciated it.
    I will try to install on a new notebook with identical Java/Tomcat to see if I succeed. Since I can do that only in the evening my answer will be delayed.
  • kkristiansonkkristianson Posts: 24
    good luck!!! :)
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