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EventAction Rule xml structure

amorenocondeamorenoconde Posts: 1
Dear all,

I am working with OC v3.2 and I am trying to schedule a list of events based on the existing recruitment date. I see that there is an example explaining how to do it in the description of the EventAction official documentation for OC v3.1.
When I adapted this example to my local variables I got an error explaining that XML is not well formated. Line : -1 - cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'EventAction'. One of '{DiscrepancyNoteAction, EmailAction, ShowAction, HideAction, InsertAction}' is expected.

I reviewed it several times without luck about what the problem is. It looks to me highly odd that structure is not accepted when I tried to follow the documentation example

Is there any problem in OC v3.2 with EventAction rules? Is there any problem with the EventAction existing examples? or there is something else that I am missing?

Here you can see the example rule assigning visit 2 the same date as selection visit


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