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Regarding the use of td class=""text_block

I enjoy the use of inline CSS in my CRFs to make them really pretty. An
example ("O2 - Checkliste besøg 2 (uge1)") is given below.
(See attached file: pretty_css.PNG)
I was fortunate in the O2 example: The width of the input fields was
greater or equal to 10em. As you might can see, I use the HTML tag to
gain the line breaks, and the OC rendering engine inserts a default
element after each . This uses the class "text_block" which is
defines as being 10em wide (.text_block { float:left; text-align:right;
width:10em;}). Since my input fields are wider than the , though, I
won't notice the 10em width.
But ... all good things usually come to an end and yesterday just that
happened. See example below ("GENETISKE DISPOSITIONER"): The 10em width of
the is now VERY visible and I can't find a way to get rid of that
class association to that particular .
(See attached file: 10em_always_present.PNG)
I understand the need of the after a , but is there any way that
's what are hardcoded into the CRF definition file could be treated
differently than the implicit 's generated by the rendering engine in
OC? That would be of much help! Or you could just add features for creating
tables in OC :)
Best regards,
pretty_css.PNG 13.6 KB
10em_always_present.PNG 6.5 KB
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