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How does OC_OID of study subejct generate?


I am working on process many records to the database. C. Parlayan (Cuneyt)’s email gave a good suggestion how to use the program to load subject into the database, then import item data by import file according to the document from Akaza. If your OC application only has one study and each subject is only assigned to one study. IF your OC application has more than one study and each subject may be assigned to different studies, how do you get your OC_OID for a subject in different studies? The OC_OIDs of srtudy_subject look like SS_0011 and SS_0011_1234, is that OK if the last four digits are randomly generated as long as no any duplication in OC_OID of study_subject? If use web service to load subject and study event of subject, does it work well for a subject across multi-studies? Please let me know if you have any experience with it.

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