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subsections in CRF

Hello All,
I am trying to make subsections from a section in CRF ...
here what I did
I create a section lets say "a" then I create 2 sections b and c In the field Parent_section I put the parent section for b and c = a
for the items I use the section labels b and c .. not a !
but when I uploaded the crf the section " a " displayed with 0 items
b and c displayed as a normal independent sections !
where is the problem ?
please , can any one help or give me another idea to create subsections
Kind Regards,
Aisha Albugami
Bioinformatics & Database Section
King Abdullah International Medical Research Center
King Abdulaziz Medical City-National Guard Health Affairs
Saudi Arabia , Riyadh
Tel# +966 1 2520088 Ext# 14630
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