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About Cross-site messagingandControlledVocabularies

RE: [Developers] About Cross-site messaging and Controlled Vocabularies
thank you for your feedback.
In effect we have succeeded in implementing the transfer of values through cross-domain messaging: it was a matter of specifying appropriately the get external value parameter in the CRF and the postMessage on the called page.
Your help page clarifies this very well.
Have a good day,
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Hello Armando,
Maybe you already fixed this, but if not: there’s a working example of cross-domain messaging and getExternalValue on
Hope this helps,
Gerben Rienk
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I am attaching a minimal php page that displays the problem in our context. Sorry but it requires jQuery. It is triggered on the OpenClinica side by a CRF item of the getExternalValue type. Sender and receiver are on different hosts.
The page loads properly, without syntax errors. I can see the reference to the item, but window.opener in my page is Undefined, and so nothing arrives back to OpenClinica. I also attach a picture from the Firebug session.
Thanks a lot for the assistance,
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Hi Armando,
You should not have issues with this as you are using postMessage() which allows for cross-domain messages. You could check the Javascript on your side and make sure there are no errors there, for example: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3332532/how-can-i-do-cross-domain-postmessage
Also, you should have an 'item' variable passed through to your code. Can you make sure the item is sent in your url, i.e. http://url?item=mainForm.input1 ? Otherwise, you'll be sent back to the page, but no item will be updated.
Hope that helps, Tom
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Hi all,
I am referring to the process described at: https://wiki.openclinica.com/doku.php?id=developerwiki:postmessage .
I am testing it, and I am finding troubles in passing back value to the opener page. I am using Firefox 3.6.x with Firebug. The cause of the problem is that the window.opener or self.opener property in the popup created by the window.open function is always "undefined".
Openclinica and the coding application are on different servers, so I am wondering if this has to do with limitations imposed by the Same Origin Policy.
Did somebody find the same problem? Do I need to implement something particular in the popup page to catch the opener information in a cross-site situation? Other than window.open, OpenClinica does not seem to send anything else for to the popup to receive.
Thanks a lot,
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