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CRF DATE issue

Hello, the Akaza team found an issue and would like to share a solution: Note: We are releasing version 1.04 today which fixes this and a few other issues.

Issue –
CRFs using the DATE data type load OK but cause a runtime error when attempting to view or perform data entry with the CRF.

Cause –
The script used to build the initial database schema (OpenClinica_1.0_db_tables_only.sql) that was distributed with the 1.0 and 1.01 versions failed to insert a DATE record into the item_data_type table.

You can verify the record is missing by executing the following SQL using psql or pgAdminIII.
SELECT * FROM item_data_type WHERE code = ‘DATE’
If you receive 0 records this issue probably applies to you.

Solution –
You can manually add the column using psql or pgAdminIII. The following SQL will add the column.

INSERT INTO item_data_type (code, name, definition, reference) VALUES ( ‘DATE’, ‘date’, ‘NULL’, ‘NULL’)

If you have questions or comments please feel free to respond.

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