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interfacing with OpenClinica for image-based trials

Hi All,

Today I happened to find an article which may be of interest for those of you who are thinking of, or working on interfacing with OpenClinica for image-based trials.
The official title is:
Integrating image management and analysis into OpenClinica using web services,
written by the Department of Medical Informatics, RWTH Aachen University in Germany, and you can find it here:

I cite from the article:
"Supporting the workflow, the eCRFs are filled in Step 1 by the study personnel, and the image data is uploaded using the file upload tool as provided by the OpenClinica software. Now, two different processes are invoked: On the metadata transfer side, JavaScript code embedded in the eCRF definition is used to send a SOAP message with an image ID to the computer system performing the image processing (Step 2a) and to display the user the uploaded images (Step 3a). The JAX-WS server receives this message (4a) and calls the image analysis software (Step 5a). Meanwhile on image transfer side, the image is stored by OC core in the file system (Step 2b) and gets visible for the user (Step 3b). In the next step, the SFTP image transfer is invoked (Step 4b) and sent to the FTP server (Step 5b). Now , the Java image analysis software queries for the transferred image (Step 6) and starts processing after the image file is available (Step 7). After finishing image analysis, measurements and additional images to visualize the results are provided and the tool invokes the transfer back to OpenClinica (Steps 8a, 8b). The measurements information is sent back on the metadata transfer side using the JAX-WS web service client (Step 9a), that sends a SOAP message to the, by OC-WS offered, data endpoint. The measurements are forwarded to OC Core (Step 10a) and stored (Step 11a). At the same moment, on image transfer side, the result image is send back analogy to the initial transfer by SFTP and saved in OpenClinica’s file system (Steps 9b-11b). The modified data elements are now available in OC Core (Step 12), integrated into the eCRF and visible for the user (Step 13)."

The authors of the article asked to mention that topics around IT support of image-based trials have been added to the PACS track on the SPIE Medical Imaging Symposium. The next meeting will be in Feb. 2014 in San Diego; deadline for paper submission is 1st of August, and the call for papers is about to be released soon. If there is a sufficient number of interested groups, they could perhaps organize a special session on the meeting.

Kind regards,

Gerben Rienk
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